KeKe is a Caribbean kid of mixed heritage. She has medium black hair, which her mom curls and coils into two bushy pom-poms at the back of her head. She loves her hair, her caramel skin which glistens in the sun after a quick sprint around her garden behind Keno, her brother. Her mischief is all well intentioned and can be detected by the gleam in her brow eyes when she is up to something.

  • Keke and The Garden Thief

    Keke and The Garden Thief

    Join the fun and enjoy each adventure with us.

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  • KeKe wants to take you on an adventure

    KeKe wants to take you on an adventure

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About us

The brainchild of Alana Twam- Barimah , Reading with Bella comes from a passion for culture and the Caribbean.

With the support of her loving husband and family of two smart, adventurous and fun kids, the series came from a desire to share those experiences while at the same time bringing to the fore the heritage of the island nations that they are a part of.

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